The first decade and a half of my life I was abnormally silent.  As a baby, my older sister would used to cry 3 times a night.  Me?  I silently slept.  I like sleeping.

During the early part of my life I mostly partook in antisocial activities such as comic books, card collecting, role playing video games and bicycle riding.  I was very quiet.  If you had asked me then what I thought of myself, I probably would have told you I was mostly a logical person, not really on the empathy and feeling side.  I was wrong.

In high school I became more verbally expressive, vocally and literarily.  I enjoyed and immersed myself in the books that I read, mostly the classics you read in English class, and the ones that struck me were the ones that had some poignant social and/or political commentary.  I became interested in existentialism and self-expression, and during this time read the most influential book on my writing, "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser.  (If you are pursuing any career in writing, I recommend giving it a read or two.)  I suddenly had all these things bottled up that I wanted to say.

So I, like most of the teenage population during the early 2000s, started to write a blog.  Before that I had never kept any journal before.  The newb that I was, I thought much of what I wrote was gold.  Some of it indeed was gold, but I cringe whenever I read entries that show my unoriginality and derivative thoughts, as well as the entries that were just plain embarrassing because I was an idiot teenager.

Strangely enough, now that I have entered my 30s, I feel old trying to keep up with the Gawkers, Buzzfeeds, Huffington Posts and the ever insidious Thought Catalogs of the world.  But here I am, putting type to a keyboard, writing similar sludge you're about to digest.  I guess maybe this blog isn't for you after all, but maybe it's for me, as a way for me to discipline myself into documenting my life.

Speaking of which, about the title of this blog, it has to do with the fact that I believe that I have been deferring a life of much more fulfillment that may have been possible in an alternative universe where I wasn't dicking around quite as much.  This is me writing to try to remind myself to not do the dicking around quite so much.

I am admittedly not the best writer and probably still often overestimate my own writing abilities.  Like most of what I do, it's what I have dabbled in as a dilettante, quickly absorbing what I needed to be competent, but not putting in nearly the amount of practice to become a master.  My personal goal through this site is to become a better communicator, as writing is part of the career that I wish to pursue (albeit for entertainment).  Any sort of practice is probably of some value.

So sit back and enjoy the justice.

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